Islamic Hadiyyisa Religious Literature/Media

Silte Islamic Dua and Ceremony - sliti 1

Dear Muslim Hadiya,

You may be able to help. Here at Hadiya Journey we have not yet found Islāmic written materials in Hadiyyisa to post on this page. Our objective here is to repair, rejuvenate, revive, and possibly develop and grow our language, Hadiyyisa.

We would love more religious faiths use Hadiyyisa as long as it is allowed by the laws and rules of the faiths.  You can give us tips on how we can find Islāmic Hadiyyisa literature or media in comment section below – if your suggestion fulfills the following:

  • They have to be Islāmic and use Hadiyissa language in a written or media format.  The letters used for literature must be in Latin or Amharic fidel.
  • If they are verbal messages, they have to be spoken in Hadiyyisa.  The usual mix with Arabic expressions are fine.