Hadiya Ethiopia: Badawwaachcho Hadiya woman fetching water (1970-1)

Hadiya in Pictures – From the Past

We do not own copyright for some of these images. See our note1 at the bottom the page about the source. Keep in mind that these pictures can depict only a small slice of diverse social, economic, or cultural lives of the people at the time of study. In addition, to be noted is that contemporary Hadiya may have already lost some of the cultural depictions you see here due to pressures from the dominant culture, urbanization, and globalization.

  1. Most watermarked copyrighted pictures were taken during field study by pioneering German researchers and Social Anthropologists of Hadiya ethnic group, Ulrich Braukämper (1944-2018), who spent 4 years of his life (1970-74) living among Hadiya in Hadiya proper and other parts of the country (those that trace their origin back to ancient Hadiya kingdom). We obtained them from the archives of Frobenius-Institute of Frankfurt am Main, Germany that sponsored of the studies. You would see the institute’s copyright stamp on the images (we were given the OK by the institute to use the watermarked version). Permission should be sought from the institute at (kuba@em.uni-frankfurt.de) if you wish to use the originals of these images (even the stamped version) in your own work.

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