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Yahodee Masqala in Hadiya Ethiopia

The Yaahode Masqala is a Cherished Hadiya People’s New Year Celebration Tradition, not Necessarily a Religious One

ያማርኛዉን ትርጉም ለማንበብ ሊንኩ ይህ ነዉ። The fact that Yaahode Masqala shares one of its month-long celebration days with Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Cross Day is purely accidental. There is a tendency in the dominant culture in Ethiopia to associate Yahode Maskqalaa with the “finding of the cross of Jesus” of […]

Portrait of Prof. Ulrich Braukämper

Aethiopica Journal Published an Article Celebrating the Life and Work of Ulrich Braukämper

Prof. Ulrich Braukämper passed away in October 2018. At the time I published an article on this website reporting the unfortunate news of his untimely passing. His scholarship in the study of the Hadiya people of Ethiopia remains unsurpassed. This quote from my news article summarized well the sentiment at […]

Important Dates in the History of the Hadiya People of Ethiopia

Important Dates in the History of the Hadiya People of Ethiopia

Our review of the source book is here. 9th Century Foundation of Arabic-Islamic principalities at the Horn of Africa including Hadiya Sultanate  since 1225 Diffusion of Arabic version of Kebra nagaSt in Ethiopia ruled by Zagwe Dynasty– Hadiyya mentioned as opponents of the Christian Empire 13th Century Territorial relocation of […]

Hadiya Ethiopia: Badawwaachcho Hadiya: Celebration for the Deceased (continued). Singing Arajja (praise for the dead) by aradaano (singers) (1972-4)

10 January 2001 Publication on UNHCR Website by US Department of Homeland Security About Hadiya

This is another installment of Hadiya Journey’s continued documentation of the earliest resistance the oppressive ruling party of Ethiopia, EPRDF, faced in the country. The Hadiya people were alone at the time in opposing and wining against EPRDF at the time and paying the price for their unyielding peaceful democratic […]

Happy Irreechaa 2019 to Oromo and Other Ethiopians

We estimate that the Hadiya’s Fandaanano, the traditional socio-religious system shares over 90% of its features with Waaqeffanna of the Oromo. Irreechaa is a part of Waaqeffanna socio-religious system and the overall Oromo culture. Curios as to how similar Irreechaa and Fandaanano are? You can start by reading my review […]

Major Ethnic Groups in Ethiopia

ለነገሩማ ሀዲያ በኢትዮዽያ በህዝብ ብዛት 8ኛ እኮ ነዉ

ይህም የመንግስትን የራሱን የ2007( እ.አ.አ.) የህዝብ ቆጠራ ብቻ በመጠቀም ነዉ። ይህ chart ለማሳየት የሚሞክረዉ በኢትዮዽያ ትልልቆቹን ብሄሮች የህዝብ ቁጥር በ% ስዕል ነዉ። ሰብዓዊ፣ ዴሞክራሲያዊና ራስን በራስ ማስተዳደር መብት የሚወሰነዉ በማንኛዉም ሀገር በህዝብ ብዛት መሆን የለበትም። ቻርቱ እንደሚየሳየዉ የሀዲያ የህዝብ ብዛት ቶፕ ቴን (top ten) ዉስጥ ከመሆንም አልፎ በ 8ኛነት ይታያል። […]

Hadiya Ethiopia: Leemo Hadiya market in Fonko (1970-1)

Voting, violence and violations : peasant voices on the flawed elections in Hadiya, Southern Ethiopia

May 14, Hadiya Martyrs Day for Democracy | ግንቦት 06 ሀዲያ የዴሞክራሲ ሰመዕታት ቀን In commemoration of May 14, Hadiya Martyrs Day for Democracy we present to you below Kjetil Tronvoll’s 2001 article in Journal of Modern African Studies . We are grateful to the author and the sponsoring institution, […]