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Prof. Braukämper’s Contribution to Academic Journal Aethiopica & Opportunities for Hadiya Scholars

The following is a portion of email content we received from an excellent friend of the Hadiya people, Stefan Ritter, who spent many years in Hadiyaland.  He and his wife lived in the Hadiyya Zone — first in
Hoommachcho, then in Hosanna from 2005 – 2010. “It is with much gratitude that we remember these years.” he said recently.

He was the one who first brought us the sad news of the passing Prof. Braukämper.

Now, in addition to reminding us of Prof. Braukämper’s service as a member of the editorial board of Aethiopica scholarly journal (International Journal of Ethiopian and Eritrean Studies), he has forwarded to us the great academic opportunities that now exist in Germany for Hadiya/Ethiopian scholars.  Let us all share this information to Hadiya/Ethiopian academics. Time is of the essence!

Prof. Bausi is the editor of the journal “Aethiopica” (

Prof. Braukämper was an active member of the editorial board of that journal. Therefore, Prof. Bausi might be able to share additional information about Prof. Braukämper. I expect a rather long obituary on Ulrich in the next volume of “Aethiopica.”

By the way, you may want to subscribe to the mailing list of Ethiopian studies at Hamburg University at:

The Ethiopian Studies Dept. is a member of the new Hamburg Cluster of Excellence called “Understanding Written Artifacts”:

Today I learnt that there are still dozens of vacant positions for researchers (see mailing list below).
In case you know about a qualified Hadiyya / Ethiopian for whom this might be interesting, please inform them as soon as possible since the official deadline for application is already next week (November 16):

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