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Happy Irreechaa 2019 to Oromo and Other Ethiopians

We estimate that the Hadiya’s Fandaanano, the traditional socio-religious system shares over 90% of its features with Waaqeffanna of the Oromo. Irreechaa is a part of Waaqeffanna socio-religious system and the overall Oromo culture. Curios as to how similar Irreechaa and Fandaanano are? You can start by reading my review […]

Hadiya Ethiopia: Leemo Hadiya market in Fonko (1970-1)

Voting, violence and violations: peasant voices on the flawed elections in Hadiya, Southern Ethiopia

May 14, Hadiya Martyrs Day for Democracy | ግንቦት 06 ሀዲያ የዴሞክራሲ ሰመዕታት ቀን In commemoration of May 14, Hadiya Martyrs Day for Democracy we present to you below Kjetil Tronvoll’s 2001 article in Journal of Modern African Studies . We are grateful to the author and the sponsoring institution, […]