First Hadiyya Latin Writing Guide

ሀድይኛን በላቲን ፊደል ኣጠቃቀም መመሪያ First Hadiyyisa publication in Latin script – The Guide

You will find below a publication that is believed to be the first guide on how to use Latin script to write in Hadiyyisa, published in 1993 (1986 HD). Its title is HADIYYISA LAATIIN FIDALINNE AWWAAXXIMMI AWWANSA or ሀድይኛን በላቲን ፊደል ኣጠቃቀም መመሪያ. It was authored by Tesfaye Woldemesqel Maade and published by the Education Department of Hadiya Zone. I want to give credit to Abayich Tesfaye Woldemesqel and the education office of Hadiya zone for this and any later works as we do other zonal offices such as “Hadiya zone culture ,tourism and communication affairs” that funded the Andriod Hadiyyisa dictionary app about which we have posted here recently.  Also my thanks to Mr. Stefan Ritter 1 for sending us the publication.

If such good work was produced by the Hadiya zonal government 25 years ago, we assume more advanced products have been published in recent years to repair and rescue the language that we now see in its current precarious state.  Is the assumption wrong? Could it be that the zonal offices are not doing much recently and that is part of the reason that Hadiyyisa is not doing well as a language?  If there are more resources, we invite the zonal offices to work with us to expose and share good publications they might have via Hadiya Journey website.

  1. Mr. Ritter is a German missionary, Hadiyyisa/Hadiya researcher and an excellent friend of the Hadiya people who, with his wife, lived in Hadiya Zone 2005 – 2010.  He continues work on Hadiya culture, language and literature.  Hadiya Journey is indebted to him for the vast Hadiyyisa contents that he has gifted to us which I will continue to add to the website.

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