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Hadiyyisa Dictionary Android App At Last


Congratulations Hadiya, we finally have a smart phone app (Android only for now) for Hadiyyisa dictionary!  Here is the direct link to it in Google Play store. It translates Hadiyyisa words written in Hadiyyisa spelling system (orthography) into English and/or አማርኛ (using Ge’ez) depending on user’s preference and background. It looks like the project was funded by “Hadiya Zone Culture, Tourism and Sports with Hadiya Zone Education Department”.  Originally had reported that the the basic version in Google Play store (no longer valid link as checked on 01-Apr-2019), and at the time the intermediate and advanced versions are being worked on. We recently found out that the advanced version is now available if one follows the link above.

Here is its descriptive Google Play Store details:

#The translation of the words are from Hadiyyisa to Amharic and English,with Hadiyyisa Usage of the words in Hadiyyisa.

#users can search for meanings of words in hadiyyisa using these three languages,




Here at Hadiya Journey, we have looked forward to this day for a long time!  Thank you Hadiya Zone! We urge you to do even more.  Enough time has been wasted already without good work to revive the weakening Hadiyyisa.

We have taken a hard look at the weakening trend of Hadiyyisa in State of Hadiyya (Hadiyyisa) Language of Ethiopia) article and we have concluded that if no active affirmative remedial countermeasures are taken, Hadiyyisa will enter the endangered languages list very soon.  Hadiyyisa will only survive if it becomes a true language of literature and of online usage.  This is just a small step in the long road towards making Hadiyyisa the language of literature and the Internet and ensuring its survival.


Updated on 01-Apr-2019: Since our original publication of this article on 22-Oct-18, the basic version of this dictionary has been replaced with the advanced version.  The link to Google play store has been changed to the new version. Other related updates have been made.

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