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Praise and Teasing Book: Announcing the availability of PDF on HJ

Praise and Teasing: Narrative Songs of the Hadiyya in Southern Ethiopia

Note: When I first reviewed this book in early 2017 (the review stands), it was very difficult to find a copy of this book in any format. We have come a long way since. Now the book is available below to download in PDF format. About a year ago, one […]

Hadiya Ethiopia: Book Cover for A History of the Hadiyya in Southern Ethiopia

A History of the Hadiya in Southern Ethiopia

We think this is the most comprehensive scholarly book ever written about Hadiya people of Ethiopia. Quote from Amazon’s book description: The Hadiyya are an ethnic group of 1.5 million people in central-southern Ethiopia. Linguistically they belong to the Highland East Cushitic cluster. In Ethiopian and Arabic chronicles between the […]