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Ancient Islamic Hadiya Kingdom

Portrait of Prof. Ulrich Braukämper

Aethiopica Journal Published an Article Celebrating the Life and Work of Ulrich Braukämper

Prof. Ulrich Braukämper passed away in October 2018. At the time I published an article on this website reporting the unfortunate news of his untimely passing. His scholarship in the study of the Hadiya people of Ethiopia remains unsurpassed. This quote from my news article summarized well the sentiment at […]

Important Dates in the History of the Hadiya People of Ethiopia

Important Dates in the History of the Hadiya People of Ethiopia

Our review of the source book is here. 9th Century Foundation of Arabic-Islamic principalities at the Horn of Africa including Hadiya Sultanate  since 1225 Diffusion of Arabic version of Kebra nagaSt in Ethiopia ruled by Zagwe Dynasty– Hadiyya mentioned as opponents of the Christian Empire 13th Century Territorial relocation of […]

ከጥታዊዉ ሃዲያ ሱልጣኔት የመነጩ ብሔሮች አንድነታቸዉን ገላጭ የሆነዉን የመጀመሪያ ዘፈን ኣወጡ

ትዉልድ የማይሳዉ ሥራ ነዉ። ግን ገና ምኑን ኣይተን ያሰኛል። ምክንያቱም ገና መካተት ያለባቸዉ ሌላ ሀዲያ መህበረሰቦች በየቦታዉ አሉና። መጀመሪያ ይህን ሥራ በቪድዮ ለመሥራት ስፖንሰር ያስፈልገዋል።

1509 AD Letter by Queen Eleni of Ethiopia & the Daughter of Hadiya Garaad Muhammad

We are ever so grateful to Stefan Ritter — a German missionary, Hadiyyisa/Hadiya researcher and an excellent friend of the Hadiya people who, with his wife, lived in Hadiya Zone 2005 – 2010 — for making available to us the Latin & German (and subsequently the English) versions of Queen […]

Prof. Ulrich Braukämper Small portrait 1

Even During His Lifetime the Hadiya Included Prof. Ulrich Braukämper in Their Poem

These are readable pictures of a few partial pages (excerpts) taken from Praise and Teasing: Narrative Songs of the Hadiyya in Southern Ethiopia written by Prof. Ulrich Braukämper and Dr. Tilahun Mishago. The excerpts showcase both the beauty of the art and how the art was used to praise Prof. Ulrich Braukämper.  […]