Hadiya Ethiopia: Book Cover for Praise and Teasing Narrative Songs from the Hadiyya of Southern Ethiopia

Praise and Teasing: Narrative Songs of the Hadiyya in Southern Ethiopia

The Genesis of the Book is Audio Recordings First came the 1970-1974 pioneering undertaking to record audio tapes of poetic songs of Hadiya by social anthropologists Prof. Dr. Ulrich Braukämper and Dr. Siegfried Seyfarth. They did so as part of their larger study of ethnic groups  that originated from the ancient […]

Hadiya Ethiopia: Book Cover for A History of the Hadiyya in Southern Ethiopia

A History of the Hadiya in Southern Ethiopia

We think this is the most comprehensive scholarly book ever written about Hadiya people of Ethiopia. Quote from Amazon’s book description: The Hadiyya are an ethnic group of 1.5 million people in central-southern Ethiopia. Linguistically they belong to the Highland East Cushitic cluster. In Ethiopian and Arabic chronicles between the […]