Hadiya Ethiopia: Leemo Hadiya celebrating the dead with a decorated horse (1970-1)

What is in the Name? Personal Names in Hadiyya – A Review

Analysis of the Study from Hadiyyisa Speaker’s Angle The project An entire 2016 volume of Oslo Studies in Language scholarly journal (available online) was dedicated to publishing a collection of studies conducted by team of researchers from Addis Ababa University, Hawassa University, University of Oslo and the Norwegian University of Science […]

Hadiya Ethiopia: Leemo Hadiya girl preparing butter by shaking fresh milk in a clay pot (1970-1)

Hadiyya (Hadiyyisa) Language Orthography – Alphabet and Writing

Hadiyya (Hadiyyisa) Orthography Primer I decided to create a resource for basic Hadiyya orthography (Hadiyyisa alphabet and writing system). It will be updated as needed. My stimulus comes from the lack of such basic resource online. I had wanted to lean it myself, but my online searches yielded nothing – until […]

Hadiya Ethiopia: Traditional food in cowry shells decorated storage containers Feb 2015

State of Hadiyya (Hadiyyisa) Language of Ethiopia

Recently I started gathering information on Hadiyya (Hadiyyisa), language of Hadiya (Hadiyya) people and one of the languages in Ethiopia, primarily through online searches.  I was interested in online and offline Hadiyyisa vocabulary and grammar learning tools and books, contents written or produced in Hadiyyisa, et cetera.  The non-availability of […]

Hadiya Ethiopia: Book Cover for Fandaanano: The Traditional Socio-Religious System of the Hadiyya in Southern Ethiopia

Fandaanano: The Traditional Socio-Religious System of the Hadiyya in Southern Ethiopia

Quote from Amazon‘s book description: Monographic analyses of ethnic groups have always been a major concern of Cultural Anthropology. Yet, a holistic approach encompassing all spheres of culture in one volume is usually unachievable. Publications on the history and the agrarian economy of the Hadiyya, a group of about two […]

Hadiya Ethiopia: Book Cover for A History of the Hadiyya in Southern Ethiopia

A History of the Hadiya in Southern Ethiopia

We think this is the most comprehensive scholarly book ever written about Hadiya people of Ethiopia. Quote from Amazon’s book description: The Hadiyya are an ethnic group of 1.5 million people in central-southern Ethiopia. Linguistically they belong to the Highland East Cushitic cluster. In Ethiopian and Arabic chronicles between the […]